Soil Moist Root Dip-Endo/Ecto

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• Improves soil and plant ecosystem • Increases plant establishment and growth • Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss • Increases nutrient and water uptake • Improves soil structure and porosity • Reduces fertilizer use Soil Moist Root Dip is formulated to inoculate bareroot stock prior to planting. Will treat up to 1200 seedlings. The formulation contains a diverse blend of 5 species of healthy viable ectomycorrhizal propagules and 7 species of endomycorrhizal propagules that are adapted to a wide range of plants. Soil Moist Fines™ are included in the formulation. Packaged in premeasured bags and resealable jars. For more info click here: http://www.soilmoist.com/forms/Form_783.pdfImproves soil and plant ecosystem

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