Mowall Mower

Mowall Mower
Mowall Mower
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The Mowall mower is available in two widths.  It is based off of either a 40'' King Kutter brush mower or a 48'' King Kutter brush mower.  There is a 20'' blade on each side of the mower deck, these blades are set in a spring loaded heavy gauge steel shroud.  The wing blades are belt driven and heavy duty 1/2'' thick steel for longevity.  This will give you a total width of 80'' or 88'' on the larger deck.

The smaller deck is perfect for your 5.5'-6' row spacing.  The larger 48'' deck works excellent on 7' spacing.  The wings have adjustable tension so you can set them to the size of tree you are mowing.  As you will see in the video you can mow in trees down to 1'' stump dia., without fear of cutting them off. 
Watch this video to see the Mowall in ACTION!!!!!!!

Call Chuck Bork @1-320-245-6905  for pricing and details.

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