Model 1410 Wire Measure

Model 1410 Wire Measure
Item Number 1410
Price $499.95

Product Description

No longer will you need to get out the tape measure to measure your roping. The counter goes behind the roping machine and the core wire is fed through it. It measures the wire as you pull it through so you know when you reach your desired length. Saves you time and money!!  ALSO AVILABLE IN METRIC.
Wire Length Meter
Model 1410
Meets recent weights and measures requirements throughout the United States and Canada. Conforms to National Bureau of Standards H-44 Requirements 1969
Also available
Cordage Meter
Model 1430
NO-SLIP toothed wheel made of sintered iron keeps sure contact with cordage. NO-SAG guide trough controls cordage travel in/out. Measures cordage from 5/32" to 3/4" diameter.  Makes is possible to use twine a core wire for your garland.

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