Mitchell Metal No Hammer Mechanism

Mitchell Metal No Hammer Mechanism
Mitchell Metal No Hammer Mechanism
Item Number NHM-1
Price $185.95

Product Description

The Mitchell "No Hammer"™ Clamp Machines are made with hardened steel jaws for extended heavy-duty use in wreath making. They come with a broad foot pedal for comfortable operation. The machine can be ordered complete with the Mitchell Metal Stand™, or alone, ready for user installation.

The "No Hammer"™ Clamp Machine was introduced in 1995, a phenomenal wreath ring machine, and has become our most popular machine. It was designed in the same tradition as the "Original"™ Machine with heavy-duty components throughout and is used for high volume wreath production (hundreds of thousands of wreaths per year for many years.) It features hardened steel, adjustable jaws. Periodic cleaning and lubricating of the jaws is all that is required to keep the machine in production. The "No Hammer"™ Clamp Machine produces a flat profile clip when it clamps the wreath material in place. This allows the machine to tightly close clips around everything from evergreen materials to dried flowers. It eliminates any need for hammering wreath rings and clips closed.
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