Grower Supplies

ARS Pruners and Trimmers
ARS pruners and trimmers.
Edge Shearing Knives
Edge Shearing Knives are "The Sharpest Knife in the Field."
Felco Pruners
Felco hand pruners are sharper, they hold thier edge longer and contain the right steel that can be easily re-sharpened. These clippers are truly designed to last a lifetime.
Flagging Tape
Numbered flagging tape available in a variety or colors.
A variety of gloves for all your needs.
Grower Products and Paints
Colorants, Needlehold, and nutrients.
Shearing Knives
Knives, pitch remover, chaps, and saws.
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Nelson Tree Marking Paint
Price: From $9.95 to $12.95
Nelson Tree Marking Paint
Nelson Aero Spot® Marking Paint 12 Oz Can
Edge Shearing Knives
Price: From $60.95 to $62.95
Edge Shearing Knives
Edge Shearing Knives are the best knives on the market hands down. They are made with the best steel on the market, which allow them to hold their edge incredibly well, but still be easily resharpened by anyone. MADE IN USA
Needlehold XL
Price: $136.95
Needlehold XL
Needlehold XL 2.5 Gallon Jug
Speed Mark 5
Price: From $99.95 to $229.95
Speed Mark 5
Spray paint holder for Christmas Tree Balers.