Balls and Bells
Jingle Bells and Glass Balls
Berry Sprays
Various types of berry sprays.
Cardinals, doves, blue jays, and more.
Buckets and Bags
Decorative bags, buckets, and pails to provide a foundation for your projects.
Cherries and Berries
Cherries, crab apples, and round berries.
Double Ender Berries
Double ended wired berries.
Empty Picks
Bamboo Stakes and Floral Picks for making your own customized picks.
Gnome figurines and decorations
Glue Guns and Rubber Bands
Options for attaching cones to your wreaths and arrangements.
Ornaments and Decorations
Misc Ornaments and Decorations
Pine cones are great for giving a natural feel to any decorative project.
Snowmen and Santas
Sprays, picks, and decorations featuring Santas and Snowmen.
12'' to 18'' sprays for decorating any arrangement.
Wreath Picks
An assortment of 6'' picks perfect for decorating wreaths.